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 Critical Perspectives

An occasional paper that provides scholarly and insightful analysis of contemporary issues in governance and democratic development in Ghana in particular and Africa in general.

PublicationsData of Publication
Critical Perspectives No. 17 {Entrenching Constitutional And Democracy In Ghana: An Agenda for Civic Education ; E. Gyimah-Boadi; July, 2004} 7/7/2004
Critical Perspectives No. 19 {No.18 Elections and Electoral Politics in Ghana's Fourth Republic; Baffour Agyeman-Duah; July, 2005} 7/7/2005
Critical Perspectives No. 18 {No.18 Elections and Electoral Politics in Ghana's Fourth Republic; Baffour Agyeman-Duah; July, 2005} 8/8/2005
Critical Perspectives No. 3 1/1/2000
Critical Perspectives No. 16 {The Public Officer As A Fiduciary And The Law On Causing Financial Loss To The Ghanaian State; H. Kwasi Prempeh and Stephen Kwaku Asare; October, 2003} 1/10/2003
Critical Perspectives No. 15 [The Executive-Legislative Relationship Under the 1992 Constitution: A Critical Review] 1/9/2003
Critical Perspectives No. 14 [The Subsidiary Legislation Process in Ghana: Review and Recommendations for Reform] 1/5/2003
Critical Perspectives No. 12 1/1/2003
Critical Perspectives No. 10 [The Persistent Corporate Governance Deficit in the Ghanaian Public Sector: An Agenda for Reform] 1/9/2002
Critical Perspectives No. 11 [ Zero Tolerance for Corruption Myth of Reality? ] 1/11/2002
Critical Perspectives No. 9 [Civil Military Relations in Ghana's Fourth Republic ] 1/6/2002
Critical Perspectives No. 8 [Determining the Contestants: Candidate Selection in Ghana's 2000 Elections ] 1/1/2002
Critical Perspectives No. 7 [The United States and Africa's New Security Orders] 1/5/2001
Critical Perspectives No. 6[The Structural Underpinning of Ghana's December 2000 Elections ] 1/2/2001
Critical Perspectives No. 5[Land Policy an National Development in Ghana ] 1/10/2000
Critical Perspectives No. 4 [Elections in Emerging Democracies: Ghana, Liberia and Nigeria ] 1/8/2000
Critical Perspectives No. 2 [Reforming the Political Kingdom: Governance and Development in Ghana's Ghana's Fourth Republic ] 1/6/1999
Critical Perspectives No. 1 [ The Ghanaian Judiciary and the 1992 Constitution: A Problem of Asymmetrical Jurisprudence] 1/1/1999
Critical Perspectives No. 13 [ Towards Effective and Accountable Local Government in Ghana ] 1/3/2003


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“To say that the poor and the hungry have no need for democracy is to say that only the rich are deserving of liberty and freedom; and that, indeed, is as cruel as it is false.” - Baffour Agyeman Duah

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